Pastor speaks about Smithfield murder victim

Naira Davis

SMITHFIELD, Va. (WAVY) – A pastor is speaking about a Smithfield woman after her gruesome murder last week.

David Ricciardi is charged with killing 72-year-old Naira Davis, a friend of Ricciardi’s mother. Police said Ricciardi hit Davis in the head with a baseball bat and stuffed her body in a trash can.

Davis had been reported missing by her husband last Thursday. Her husband told police she had left their home to visit a friend a few streets over, but never arrived.

Now, Davis’ pastor wants to make sure she is remembered in a positive light.

“Naira was always putting others first,” said Pastor Don Rhoton, SmithfieldBaptistChurch. “The vicious nature of all this – I know the powers of evil are real, and if anyone ever doubted that, when this kind of thing happens, it’s proof positive… Naira was the most loving person, and to have somebody to what has been done to her, it just boggles the mind.”

Pastor Rhoton plans to address Davis’ friends and family Friday at her funeral.

In the midst of it all, there’s this glowing example of a lady, who in the midst of what I guess was more risky than maybe even she ever realized, she continued to give of herself to try to help somebody who she thought was in need,” said Pastor Rhoton.

WAVY News 10 reached out to Ricciardi’s attorney, but did not hear back.

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