Animal control: 25 stolen hunting dogs found

Surry County Animal Control is investigating the case of 25 beagles stolen from Surry County and Southampton County in the Ivor area. (Photo provided by Surry Animal Control)

SURRY COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) – Investigators have identified two suspects who they believe stole local hunting dogs and tried to sell them online.

Although no arrests have been made, two people are suspected of receiving stolen dogs, conspiracy to commit larceny and larceny after 25 beagles were stolen in Surry County and surrounding areas, according to Chief Animal Control Officer Tracy Terry.

The suspects, Terry said, were posting the dogs on Criagslist and on a website called “Speed Dogs,” which specializes in the sale of hunting dogs. Some were sold in North Carolina and others in Sussex County.

Terry said State Police have another case against one of the suspects, whose home they searched. Because of a 2013 court order, the suspect is only allowed to have two dogs and one horse, but when police searched her home, it was full of dogs.

Surry County Animal Control was notified of the situation by police, and then again by a member at Bacons Castle Hunt Club. Terry said someone took the dogs from the suspect’s home after police left and dropped them off at the club.

Terry said all 25 dogs were found. So far, seven have been returned to their rightful owners.

Animal Control will release the suspects’ names once they are formally charged.

Stay with WAVY for updates.

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