Boothe gets 600th win

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY)- The critique is constant and he’s all about attention to detail.

Virginia Wesleyan head baseball coach Nick Boothe thrives on coaching, developing and mentoring young athletes where it’s always a little different at a Division 3 school. Boothe says, “We get the special kid. We always say we are a team of misfits and I’m the head misfit, but everyone comes here for a reason.”

Boothe draws from his tough upbringing where he made the most of his opportunities learning from baseball men like his former coach at Old Dominion Mark Newman and Snag Nesbitt. “I had a few men like that who played a big role in my development and I could have ended up on the other end of the stick.”

Nick Boothe has been head coach out at Virginia Wesleyan College for 29 years and Sunday he picked up a major milestone in a 5-1 win over Averett College. It was his 600th career victory. It was a major milestone, but to him it had little significance.” “It’s just means a number. I didn’t get into this game for wins.To me its more about the kids that I have been involved with.”

Now after all these years, he can spend each day on the field with son Ty, a freshman shortstop who grew up on this very same field. Ty says, “Its fun. We have our trials and tribulations, but I have been out here my whole life. I love playing here.” Father Nick adds, “It’s an honor to have your son play for you. I get to spend the next four years with my kid. I don’t care how he plays baseball. If he gets a good education and turns into a good man, that’s what this process is all about.”

While Ty admits his father cuts him little slack, he does get to see a soft side. “He shows his love, he doesn’t hide it, but when he’s mad he’s really mad. Father Nick adds, “When all is said and done, I never turned my back on a player and I never had a player that I didn’t like. If you finish we me, you’re a man.”

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