ODU baseball preview

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Alongside all the baseball drills at Old Dominion like throwing, hitting and bunting, there is plenty of other work being done at The Bud like hanging signs and pressure washing seats. Old Dominion head coach Chris Finwood says, “Things are looking good. The field looks great.”

Yes, ODU baseball coach Chris Finwood has everything he needs or does he? “What do we need? Ten in the first! Ten in the first always helps!”

Also helping out this season is a brand new $100 thousand dollar artificial apron surrounding home plate. functional and good-looking on the outside, but the real work was done underneath the carpet in January. “Its been a long time coming for this facility and its nice keep dressing it up a little at a time.” Finwood said.

The Monarchs kicked off the season winning 3 of 5 games on the road. Thanks to new bat rules put in place a few years back, every game seems close. Finwood told his players to expect close games. “The majority of your games are going to be 4-3 or 3-2 ballgames and you just have to embrace that and get used to it.”

St. Josephs, Kentucky, and St. Johns will play a round robin tournament this weekend in Norfolk. It continues the theme of playing good competition heading into the upcoming inaugural season in Conference USA. ODU will begin conference play March 7 at Rice.

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