Crews to install water treatment system at VB school

Courtesy VB Schools

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Officials have not found a cause for the bacteria in the water at a Virginia Beach elementary school.

A boil water advisory went into effect in October 2013 for Creeds Elementary. Since then, officials have not found anything to explain the sporadic positive test results for bacteria in the school’s water.

Officials have worked with local, state and federal agencies to fix the issue.

In a letter to parents and the school’s community dated Feb. 17, officials said they now install a system to treat the water, which was a contingency plan in case the water system could not reopen.

Document: Letter to parents

“We are working toward approvals from the necessary agencies (who have been involved with this since the beginning of this situation) and hope to begin the actual construction work in the next week or two. We anticipate the completion of the system next month, and should be able to lift the boil water advisory by the middle to end of March.”


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