Ukrainian American speaks about bloodshed in homeland

Ava Hurdle on reaction to violence in Ukraine

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WAVY) — Oleg Alba is a sailor stationed in Hampton Roads, but is watching the conflicts in Ukraine with interest.

“My father, who’s in Kiev right now, says snipers are aiming for the stomach, for the head. They’re killing people,” he said.

There is a chilling account of the unrest in Ukraine as clashes between police and anti-government protesters continue. Oleg Alba is disheartened over the bloodshed in his homeland.

” I was born in the Ukraine, but I have a moral and ethical obligation to support freedom. I have a first amendment right in this country, and they don’t have that in Ukraine, and as Americans, we all have to stand for freedom,” he said.

Alba joined more than two dozen Ukrainian Americans at a rally last weekend in Norfolk’s Town Point Park to show support for the protesters.

“The people of the Ukraine, they’re fighting against a corrupt government,” he said.

The protests kicked off three months ago.

“I want more people to understand. I want more people to have an awareness of what’s going on,” he said.”

Alba hopes for an awareness of what he called “a people with no voice fighting for their freedom.”

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