Police release video of vehicle break-in suspects

Photo by Suffolk Police

SUFFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Suffolk Police say victims have reported the theft of laptops, purses and cell phones from vehicles parked outside their homes.

Diana Klink with Suffolk police said valuables were taken from 12 vehicles — both locked and unlocked — over the weekend in northern Suffolk. Victims told WAVY.com off camera their belongings were completely ransacked.

One resident of the Deerfield neighborhood, Charles Sledge, checked the surveillance video of his home after a neighbor told him about a car break-in. On the footage, two men approached his vehicle around 2 a.m. one morning this week.

“There were two of them,” explained Sledge. “The first one came up to my two cars. I saw him run back across the yard to the neighbors house, and they did have stuff in theirs and it was unlocked. Then they came back and the second guy checked my car a second time. Then they walked on down the street to other cars.”

Sledge called Suffolk Police right away. Klink tells WAVY.com investigators have chosen to release pictures and a clip from Sledge’s video so the public can help identify the two men.

“It always gives you a little bit of shock to find people out there doing things like that, even though you know they are,” said Sledge.

Sledge said the suspects didn’t get anything out of his two vehicles because both were locked. He installed the cameras around his house for situations just like this.

“I can’t stop them from breaking in, but at least I can see who they are,” he said.

Klink said the two men seen in Sledge’s video are believed to be related to the string of break-ins throughout north Suffolk.

A similar situation happened over the past two weekends in fewer vehicles in the Carrollton area of Isle of Wight County. But in the Eagle Harbor apartment complex last weekend, there was a twist — a vehicle was actually stolen.

Kristin Wilda of the Isle of Wight County Sheriff’s Office told WAVY.com, “it had been left there locked. It had a handgun inside. The suspect or suspects broke a window, gained access and the keys were in the car.”

She said the “Cruiser” was gray in color with Virginia tags “DZSV,” and they’re still looking for it and the culprit.

Klink offers this advice: “the primary thing is making sure folks understand not to keep valuables in plain sight. Remove them — it only takes two seconds to lock your door. It actually prevents a crime of opportunity for a lot of these folks.”

Klink also said investigators are looking into whether the break-ins in Suffolk and the break-ins of Carrollton are related.

She said police have gotten some good leads in these cases and expect to make arrests soon. If you know anything or recognize the suspect pictured in the video, call the Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

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