Dead trooper’s family tries to change ‘Move-over’ law

VIRGINIA (WAVY) — The family of a trooper killed while directing traffic is trying to change Virginia law.

“Andrew’s Law” was written for Virginia State Trooper Andrew Fox, and would make violating the Move-Over law a class-five felony.

The 27 -year-old state trooper died in 2012 when a driver hit him while he was directing traffic at the state fair. That driver got a $1,000 fine and 1-year suspended sentence.

“We just feel, if you’re not paying attention behind the wheel of a car, you’re not doing 100 percent of your job as a driver. Then you should not be a driver, because that irresponsibility impacts other people,” said Lauren Fox, Andrew’s sister. “I mean, it devastated our family.”

“Andrew’s Law” would apply to reckless driving that kills or causes permanent severe injures to emergency medical personnel, firefighters, highway workers, and law enforcement officers who are working outside their vehicles on public roads or in construction zones. The offense would carry  a maximum prison sentence of 10 years, a mandatory $2,500 fine and mandatory 1-year license suspension. The court could also impose a civil penalty of up to  $10,000,  with that money going  into the general fund.

The Senate  passed the bill Friday. Now it goes to the House, where last month a subcommittee failed to take up a similar proposal because it lacked funding — that is, the money to pay for extra prison space.

“My hopes are still good, and I won’t quit fighting, and the rest of the family will not quit fighting until it passes,” Lauren said.

10 On Your Side checked  records for the past 10 years and found two Virginia state troopers were killed by vehicles. State Police also report 19 state troopers were hit inside or outside of their vehicles in 2013.

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