Wilder on proposed rule change: “Show me the data”

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Some big-name college football head coaches, including University of Alabama head man Nick Saban, are in support of a rule change that would make it illegal for an offense to snap the ball prior at least ten seconds running off the play clock. Saban and other proponents say the speed at which some teams run their spread offense can lead to player injury.

Old Dominion University runs one of the fastest offenses in the country.Head coach Bobby Wilder is fine with rule change, as long as the numbers back up what supporters of the rule change are saying.

“If there is data that shows (the rule change) will prevent injuries to student athletes, I’m all for it,” said Wilder on Monday, “Show me the data. I haven’t seen any data.

“There is no concrete evidence that has been presented to the head coaches that verifies that this rule change would somehow prevent student athletes from incurring injuries. ”


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