NCAA proposal could slow down ODU’s offense

NORFOLK, Va. — The NCAA rules committee much like congress or our Virginia General Assembly has never met a rule change or a new law it doesn’t like.

Now the group wants to stick it’s nose into college football proposing to force offenses to wait 10 seconds before they can snap the ball.

Bruce Rader has the report as well as reaction from Bobby Wilder.

Below is Wilder’s official statement:

“We did not discuss this proposed rule change at our NCAA coach’s convention in January. Today is the first I have heard of the proposal. The rule has been described as a safety issue for the players which usually means there is corresponding data to accompany a rule change. No data has currently been provided to the coaches. It has the appearance of being a strategic move by defensive minded head coaches that do not like up tempo offenses. With that being said I would be 100% in favor of the rule if it makes the game safer for our student-athletes.”

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