Shelter’s euthanasia policy discussed at city council meeting

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — A united front at Chesapeake City Council as city shelter volunteers pushed for accountability after they say a dog was unnecessarily euthanized.

Last week, reported on Ozzie the Pit Bull. Volunteers say workers euthanized him, even though there were people willing to give him a new home.

WAVY/Chris Omahen
WAVY/Chris Omahen

Tuesday night, those volunteers asked council members to consider making changes at the shelter.

“Simple things, like posting pictures of animals on social media sites, or helping to find homes for the animals has only brought about chastising and dead ends for volunteers,” said one volunteer at the meeting.

Police chief Kelvin Wright praised the animal services unit, which is a division of the police department.

“It is not an easy decision to euthanize any animal or entered into without great deliberation,” he said.

Wright also said animal control would work to improve adoption efforts at CAS, and expand hours.



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