Portsmouth man sentenced in animal neglect case

Photo courtesy of PETA

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — A Portsmouth man will spend six months behind bars for offenses related to the starvation death of a four-year-old pit bull named Dynasty.

On Tuesday, Adriane Mason was sentenced to 12 months in jail, with six months suspended, followed by three years of supervised release, according to David Perle with PETA.

The sentence is the result of a case that went to trial on September 24 after the body of a pit bull and other dog were found by volunteers with PETA’s Community Animal Project behind Mason’s residence. The volunteers were delivering straw bedding during freezing weather to outdoor dogs and discovered a small plastic crate containing the animals, who had been deprived of care, food and emergency veterinary treatment, Perle said.

The second dog, Blue, was found in the crate alongside Dynasty’s lifeless body. PETA obtained veterinary care for Blue—who was suffering from malnutrition and had yellow-stained paws from being forced to stand amid his own waste—before transferring him to the Virginia Beach SPCA, where he was adopted.

LINK: Photos of Blue and Dynasty when found by volunteers (WARNING: photos may be considered disturbing)

PETA also had a necropsy performed on Dynasty, which revealed that she had desperately tried—and failed—to sustain herself by eating straw. She was also found to have been suffering from an untreated fractured femur.

“This is the type of case that gives the court pause,” Judge James A. Cales Jr. said during the sentencing. “I am mystified. I am dumbfounded that you did what you did.”

Mason will not be allowed to own animals during the three years probation and must pay restitution to PETA for out-of-pocket expenses related to Blue’s care and Dynasty’s postmortem examinations.

“Mason can never undo the suffering that he caused these dogs, but PETA is pleased that he will serve time for such cruelty,” says PETA Senior Vice President of Cruelty Investigations Daphna Nachminovitch. “PETA encourages anyone who sees animal abuse or neglect to report it to authorities immediately because, as Blue’s case proves, it can make the difference between life and death.”

For more information, please visit PETA.org.

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