Peninsula preps for winter weather

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – From Hampton to Williamsburg, the Peninsula is monitoring weather conditions as a third winter storm moves through North Carolina and Virginia.

The Super Doppler 10 Weather Team says the area will begin to see precipitation Wednesday evening and will continue into Thursday during the morning commute. By Thursday morning, every area should see rain. But it wont be like the “big one” Hampton Roads got just two weeks ago.

“There was no doubt it was coming and we knew what to get ready for,” said Kenny Holloway, of Newport News Public Works. “This one — we will just prepare for the worst and hope for the best.”

This time, the forecast calls for less snow and more rain on the Peninsula– a tricky scenario for public works crews. The rain washes away the sand-salt mix used to treat the roads. So, Newport News — and many other Peninsula cities — are holding off with pretreatment.

Link: Weather Blogs

“We are starting to put on the spreaders and trying to get some of the plows put on this afternoon,” said Holloway Tuesday morning.

And while they wait, they are also replenishing supplies. Newport News used 600 tons of the mix to treat the roads during the first storm.

“We got almost 400 tons in since last Thursday, and I understand we have five or six more loads coming in tomorrow,” said Holloway.

Some drivers like Jerry Cranfill appreciate the preparation, but chuckle at the forecast.

“What snow?” he said, jokingly. “I think there is going to be just a flurry and it will dissipate. Then, tomorrow night, it will rain and go away.”

The city of Hampton pretreated its roads Tuesday. Crews in the city of Williamsburg are ready to pretreat, but have not yet.

Governor Terry McAuliffe announced Tuesday that the Virginia Department of Transportation had begun anti-icing operations on major roadways across the state.

“VDOT is in a constant state of preparation and response mode this winter to clear roadways and keep traffic and commerce moving as safely as possible,” said Governor McAuliffe. “Crews will be out in force through the duration of the storm to treat and plow roads. Motorists are urged to avoid driving during the snow storm because of slick road conditions.”

Stay with for more on this developing system.

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