Road crews prepare for another round of snow

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — As snow flurries dotted Hampton Roads Monday afternoon, Virginia Beach public works crews spread salt and sand in preparation for more snow possible later this week.

Highway Superintendent Jim Huntington told, “Some areas get a little slippery. We’re treating the road decks and overpasses, trying to make them a little safer and more secure for traffic.”

Huntington said since the last two snow storms, abrasives have been replenished. In fact, in one location, there’s 700 tons of the sand and salt mix ready to go.

“We have contracts in place with different vendors supplying us with the rock salt that we use and our sand abrasive that we mix,” he said. “Those are coming in while we’re loading out to treat roadways and bridges. We have suppliers bringing materials in.”

The Virginia Department of Transportation has a similar operation, according to spokesperson Marshall Herman.

“After that last event, we started repacking on those supplies immediately and snow is something we prepare for year round,” Herman told

Herman said VDOT will monitor Monday evening’s forecast, but is not pre-treating roads yet. VDOT is monitoring the forecast for Wednesday and will pre-treat interstates and primary roads on Tuesday.

North Carolina Department of Transportation crews are also preparing for more rain, sleet and snow this week click here for more information.

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