Items stolen from unlocked cars in Carrollton

CARROLLTON, Va. (WAVY) – The Isle of Wight County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents about leaving their vehicles unlocked.

According to the sheriff’s office, deputies received several reports over the weekend of thefts from vehicles at the Eagle Harbor Apartment complex in Carrollton off Route 17. Items were taken from unlocked vehicles including a cell phone, laptop and MiFi device.

The sheriff’s office is asking anyone who is a victim of a crime to report it to deputies.

“Many people do not feel it is worthwhile to report this crime,” the sheriff’s office said on Facebook. “Reporting this crime can help us both. We may be able to recover your stolen items. It helps us determine the extent of a crime spree and helps us to identify a pattern. It also helps us to determine resource allocation to prevent future crime and hopefully capture the responsible person(s).”

Deputies say do not leave valuable items in plain view and lock vehicle doors.

Anyone with information should contact the Isle of Wight County Sheriff’s Office.

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