Pair accused of stealing checks

Richard Fourney, Jr., photo courtesy Newport News Police.

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – Two people are facing charges after a man reported suspicious activity on his bank account to police.

Lou Thurston with the Newport News Police Department told the 62-year-old victim told police he was contacted by his bank about the suspicious activity Jan. 3. Warrants were issued for Richard Fourney and Debbie Mock just days later.

Police say the two were living with the victim temporarily and stole some of his blank checks. They then cashed them at local banks between Dec. 24 and Dec. 31 and obtained about $2,000 fraudulently.

Mock was arrested Jan. 9 during a traffic stop. She was charged with forgery, uttering, obtaining money by false pretenses and conspiracy to commit a larceny.

Fourney was arrested Jan. 9 at his home. Thurston said while he was being placed in the vehicle, he jumped out before the door was shut. He was charged with five counts forgery, five counts uttering, five counts obtaining money by false pretenses, conspiracy to commit a larceny and attempt to escape custody.

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