Non-profit animal shelter desperate for funds

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HAMPTON, Va., (WAVY) – A Hampton shelter that takes in unwanted, abused and abandoned animals is in dire need of help. It’s struggling to keep up with the care needed for all the animals there.

Angel Recoy is a veterinarian technician. She says her desire to start a non-profit started when she nursed a kitten back to health in 2009. Since then, she has taken in more than 500 animals and helped find most of them homes. But now Recoy is struggling to keep her rescue going.

Photos: Animal shelter desperate for funds

Most cats or dogs at to Critters 4 U Rescue have a sad past. Recoy has tales of dogs being left in dumpsters, neglected, and abandoned or dogs so sick they cannot be adopted because they need life-saving surgery. Recoy says she has a heart for the animals few people want.

“Either I take them in or they go to animal control,” said Recoy. “Everyone knows what happens at animal control — they get so many days at the shelter and then it’s euthanasia.”

Recoy runs her animal rescue non-profit out of her Hampton home, but it doesn’t come cheap.

“We have a mama dog named Jezzebelle with puppies, we’ve probably put $1,500 into them this month. Dyson, a blue pit bull, we put maybe $3,000 or $4,000 into.”

Recoy relies solely on the goodness of others who donate online for animals treatments. But lately it’s been hard to keep the mission going.

“Routine medical care per dog costs me about three to four hundred dollars for normal healthcare. Then we have the daily litter, food, treats,” said Recoy.

Recoy asked 10 On Your Side for help saving one of her most costly dogs named ‘Bashful.’ Recoy says the puppy has fluid on his brain. It’s estimated his surgery will cost $4,000. She’s not sure if she’ll get the funds to save him or keep saving other animals, but something in her won’t let her stop.

“I’m saving lives. If I don’t do it, who is doing it?” said Recoy.

Recoy says her rescue is also in need of supplies for the animals and volunteers. She is also working to raise money to get her own facility for the shelter. Call 757-335-0028 or click here for information on how you can help Recoy’s shelter.

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