VA Wesleyan enjoys new fight song

Virginia Wesleyan Athletics Director Joanne Renn (left) and Bill Bishop (right) perform Virginia Wesleyan's new fight song in front of the school cheerleaders.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – What started off as just a catchy tune on a flute is now part of the tradition at Virginia Wesleyan College.

Bill Bishop, a well-known and well established radio personality in Hampton Roads, attended a basketball game at Wesleyan a few years ago and noticed something was missing…there was no fight song.

Bishop, who grew up in Michigan listening to the great fight songs of Michigan State University, the University of Wisconsin and Notre Dame, knew all too well he had to fix that problem. “Knowing fight songs like I did, I went home, sat down at the piano and plunked out a song in about 20 minutes; a tune that I thought was kind of catchy,” said Bishop, who co-wrote the lyrics alongside Wesleyan Athletics Director Joanne Renn.

“Bill came to me, he wrote the music, we co-wrote the words, and we’ve been going a couple years now with ‘On virginia Wesleyan!’

Because Wesleyan does not have a marching band, the Tidewater Winds Concert Band in Virginia Beach recorded the song, which is still taking time to catch on at the school. Even so, Bishop and Renn believe the fight song has been a long time coming, and provides a greater sense of community and comradery on campus.

“It gets the kids excited for new things and helps  build those traditions,” says Renn, while Bishop adds, “It’s a very important part of the experience…the college experience.”

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