Teen accused of tweeting nude selfies

JAMES CITY COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) – James City County Police say a teenager is accused of tweeting nude pictures of herself.

According to Stephanie Williams-Ortery with the James City County Police Department, officers received an anonymous tip about nude pictures posted on Twitter by the 16-year-old girl. It is unclear how many pictures were involved, but police say they were posted either on or around Jan. 30.twitter generic

Williams-Ortery said photos were also sent to some boys.

A school resource officer was notified, and spoke with the teen and her mother.

“It’s not just friends that see what they post but also strangers and everyone else out there,” said Williams-Ortery. “You have no idea who’s out there watching. You never know who’s going to see what you post.”

The teen’s phone was confiscated for evidence. James City County Police investigated the case and referred it to the juvenile intake office for informal handling. The teen is not facing charges at this time, according to Major Stephen Rubino with JCC Police.

Williams-Ortery said other teens should be aware that they stand to get in trouble for pictures of this nature too, even if they aren’t the one’s who took the photo.

“I would hope that they would not then forward it on to their friends because then they become guilty also of distribution of child pornography, whether they know that or not,” Williams-Ortery said.

WAVY.com was informed that in the juvenile system this young woman and her parents could be ordered to complete a Sexting Education program.

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