JCC driver charged with DUI, indecent exposure

Photo by JCCPD

JAMES CITY COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) — James City County Police arrested a driver for a number of charges ranging from DUI to indecent exposure Monday night.

On Monday around 11:30 p.m., an officer on routine patrol noticed a vehicle with a disabled brake light was stopped at an intersection when it should have been turning, according to Stephanie Williams-Ortery with the James City County Police Department.

When the officer approached the vehicle, the vehicle turned, and when the officer made a traffic stop, he saw the driver remove ear buds from his ears. The driver, Musa Skeete, told the officer that he did not have a diver’s license.

Williams-Ortery said the officer noticed Skeete’s eyes were bloodshot, his speech was slurred and he smelled strongly of alcohol. So, the officer told Skeete to get out of the vehicle and turn around to be patted down for weapons. Skeete then took off his jacket and let his pants drop to the ground to show he had no weapons. Williams-Ortery said Skeete’s genitals were exposed in the process because he was not wearing underwear.

Officers told Skeete to redress, and he did, and then conducted field sobriety tests. When Skeete refused a preliminary breath test, he was placed under arrest, but while he was being handcuffed, Skeete used his free hand to pull out his genitals and urinate.

Once handcuffed, Skeete refused to enter a police vehicle, lying limp on the ground. Officers placed him in a police vehicle and he was taken to jail, where he refused a breath test.

Williams-Ortery said Skeete was charged with the following: DUI, 2nd, Refusal 2nd, Indecent Exposure, Obstruction of Justice, Driving Suspended 7th, Driving with headphones on, and defective equipment.

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