Clergy group voices gay marriage opposition

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – While a federal judge heard arguments to reverse the Commonwealth’s ban on same-sex marriage, nearly a dozen local clergy gathered in Norfolk to voice their concerns. The press conference took place at New Hope Church in Norfolk.

“Same-sex marriage is a moral issue, not a civil rights issue,” said Bishop G. Wesley Hardy. “It threatens to destroy the divine intended structure of the family.”

VIDEO: Full press conference with local clergy

Photo by WAVY/LaVoy Harrell
Photo by WAVY/LaVoy Harrell

The ministers say rearing children in an environment with two mothers or fathers will lead to nothing but confusion and more problems. They said they understood that taking a stand against same-sex marriage comes at the risk of being called homophobic. But in their opinion it’s “morally indefensible even if the courts rule otherwise”.

And they made it abundantly clear that they find fault with Attorney General Mark Herring for not defending a 2006 voter-approved constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

“His personal opinions may differ from state law, but he should defend the constitutional ban or resign,” said Hardy.

A representative of the Virginia Christian Alliance handed out a petition for the impeachment of Attorney General Mark Herring to members of the audience. The petition is currently being circulated throughout the Commonwealth. Many have already come back to them signed.

The ministers said they aren’t a vocal minority. They aren’t preaching hate. They love all people, but they have to take a stand against what they see as sin.

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