Cities, stores restock after snowstorm

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Public works crews across Hampton Roads were restocking supplies and repairing equipment Monday, following two snowfalls within two weeks.

Virginia Beach Superintendent of Highways Jim Huntington told the past two weeks have been tough on the staff, but the work is not over.

“We’ve just mixed about 700 tons of abrasives, salt and sand combined,” he said. “We have about 550 tons on hand at this site and we’re ordering in another 2000 tons of sand so that we can continue mixing. I don’t think it’s an if, I think it’s a when.”

Huntington said they were also working to repair 34 trucks that worked around the clock, before, during and after the snowfall.

“We have different types of problems from transmissions, plow racks, minor stuff on our blades, assemblies that need to be repaired and replaced,” he said.

Taylor’s Do-It Center on Laskin Road was still working to replenish supplies Monday.

“Even today we still had people coming in looking for shovels and all that,” said employee Josh Peeples. “We probably sold 20, 30 bags of salt today.”

Peeples said rock salt was quick to sell out during the storm: “It was kind of crazy. We had probably 80 people in here at one point waiting for ice melt, some of them were here from 11:00 probably until 5:00 waiting.”

He said the store sold out of 150 shovels on Wednesday and will have more in stock by this Wednesday.

“Trying to order as much as we can in everything, snow shovels, ice melt, window scrapers, also clean-up stuff because the ice melt will leave a mess,” Peeples said.

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