Business offers deals for tolls

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Some people accept the tolls are now here, while other people are still fighting them.

Thomas Glaser owns Fuzion Ink Tattoo Studio on Granby Street in Norfolk. Glaser said he doesn’t want to let the tolls stop his clients from traveling across the water. Instead, he’ll pay the toll for them.

“We depend on people coming from all over the place,” said Glaser.

“Now people don’t want to travel through the tunnels to pay that toll,” he explained. “They’ll look for something comparable where they live.”

Glaser and his son came up with the idea to pay their clients’ way through the tunnel.

“We’ll take it off the end of the bill,” he said.

Businesses across the area are advertising similar deals. Glaser says it’s worth it.

“You want to bring people to downtown Norfolk, which is beautiful here,” he said. “Now you’re slamming them with tolls.”

Glaser said on top of the tolls, his customers have to pay for metered parking. He said the fees are suddenly adding up so he will continue the tolls deal as long as he needs to.

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