Suffolk braces for another round of snow

SUFFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Salt and shovels seem to almost impossible to find in Hampton Roads with more snow in the forecast.

“As far as we know, there is really none in the area,” said Michael Belcher, store manager at the Taylor’s Do it Center in Suffolk. “It’s been very crazy. We have a had a lot of calls today and a lot of regular walk-ins.”

People have been looking for salt and shovels. The Taylor’s on Bridge Road sold more than a dozen Monday alone. It was all the store could get since it sold out last week.

“We just sold our very last shovel,” Belcher said. “It was probably the last one in the whole state.”

The Hampton Roads Taylor’s stores are expecting a new shipment of salt and shovels Tuesday. The shipment is coming from stores in the New York area. In the meantime, Suffolk Public Works spent the day preparing for another long week.

“It’s tough, but this is our job,” said Suffolk Street Superintendent George Stokley. “We work for the city of Suffolk to keep the streets clean, so mentally we just get ready for what we do to take care of the streets.”

Last week, Suffolk crews went through about 1,000 gallons of the brine solution and 200 tons of salt and sand. Stokley says hard work will begin Tuesday morning.

“We’ll come in and double check the trucks again making sure everything thing is good to go,” Stokley added. “Then we will wait and see. When the time comes, we will go out treating the roads.”

Starting at 7 a.m., crews will work 12-hour shifts. Stokley says even with last week’s snow, there is enough sand and salt left for the next storm.

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