Shoppers fill their carts before the snow

WAVY/Liz Palka

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — Many throughout the area heard about the potential for snow Tuesday and headed straight to grocery stores to stock up on the necessities. stopped by the Kiln Creek Farm Fresh in Newport News and found a steady stream of people checking out with their carts filled.

“We have been here so long, we’re pretty well versed with those weather patterns and how it can sneak up on us at the last minute,” said the Farm Fresh Store Director at Kiln Creek, Kevin Dodd. “So we always stay in stock with those staple items.”

Farm Fresh had a large pile of snow shovels still left, as well as ice melt and ice scrapers.

Some shoppers were more focused on food for their families. Terrence Lockett said he was loading up on healthy options, too.

“When you’re home and it’s boring, you have the tendency to eat comfort food,” said Lockett. “And you don’t want to have too much comfort food. So we’re trying to do a little fruit and throw in partial comfort food.”

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