CNO talks about warships headed to Sochi

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — The Department of Defense announced last week that it would be ordering two U.S. warships to the Black Sea in case they are needed to evacuate Americans from the winter games in Sochi in the event of a terrorist attack.

The Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Jonathan Greenert, was at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek Friday for an “all hands call” with Sailors and marines.

Afterwards, the CNO talked with WAVY News military reporter Art Kohn about whether or not those U.S. Navy ships might come from Norfolk.

“We’ll likely use ships in theater,” he said. “There’s no current plan to bring ships from Norfolk, if you will. We have ships in the Mediterranean. We usually have 12 to 15 at any given time.”

Adm. Greenert said the ships could originally be from Norfolk, but “in this particular case, these will be ships that have operated in and around the Mediterranean.”

The Mediterranean Sea is part of the 5th fleet’s area of responsibility where Norfolk-based ships deploy on a routines basis.

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