Road crews shift focus after winter storm


NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Even though the recent snow and ice have melted away from most roadways, road crews are still hard at work. But, instead of cleanup, they’re now in repair-mode.

After days of around-the-clock-work, most work crews are back to their normal schedules. A Norfolk City representative told Friday the 12-hour shifts have ended for their Public Works crews. They’re still responding to calls for slick spots and cleaning up sidewalks and public right of ways, but the big thing they have to address is repairing the equipment they rarely use and the streets we rely on each day.

“In this area, this kind of weather isn’t something we see all the time so our equipment does sit for a while,” said Jeneen White with Norfolk City Public Works. “For our equipment that’s only used for this type of weather, we have to do a lot of mechanical work and repair, bringing our equipment back in, making sure we repair whatever doesn’t work, and making sure we do preventive maintenance so that we don’t have failing equipment that we can’t get back out on the roads.”

It’s all a part of getting back to normal until the next winter storm system rolls through. But while they are still in transition, Norfolk said residents should know Wednesday’s trash and recycling collection will be postponed to Saturday. also spoke to the Virginia Department of Transportation about their operations after the winter storm. Their big focus — which city road crews are also addressing — is post-storm potholes. VDOT alone used 12,000 tons of salt district-wide, and while the salt and sand help get drivers back on the roads, they also erode the pavement.  So, VDOT crews will be out patching potholes, starting this weekend.

VDOT’s statewide pothole campaign kicks off in March. The city of Norfolk’s pothole blitz follows in April.

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