Snow plagues drivers, benefits workers


NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Snow creates steady business for tow truck drivers, and that remained true after the recent snowfall in Hampton Roads.

A mid-morning mishap in Norfolk Wednesday — a car crashed into a tractor trailer on an icy Ballentine Boulevard. The driver of the car didn’t want his face shown as he told about the crash.

“There was a big truck in front of me. I started putting on my brakes, but it wouldn’t stop because it was too slippery,” he said. “I tried everything to turn my steering and it wouldn’t stop so I just hit.”

Scott Templeton, a driver with Century Towing Service, was dispatched to tow the vehicle and clear the accident scene.

“Actually, we expected to see more of it,” Templeton said. “So far this morning we’ve only received a few calls.”

But plow truck driver Brian Bunting said during this snowfall he’s seen a number of accidents.

“I’ve seen all types of stuff. Cars on their side, cars spun out on the way to the job. One guy spun out right in front of me. I was cleaning off the bridge. I had to almost swerve to miss him,” Bunting said.

Templeton said drivers need to show extra caution driving on the slippery roads.

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