Financial Matters: Gift of a lifetime


PORTSMOUTH,Va. (WAVY) – BayPort Credit Union Financial Analyst Chris Jones talked about three gift for kids that you can’t wrap.

Information courtesy of BayPort Credit Union:

The Gift of Christmas Past:
-Talk to your kids about what you’ve come through financially
-Tell them about your successes and struggles.
-Teach them about the positive and negative consequences of our money decisions.

The Gift of Christmas Present:
-Live within your means
-Don’t be motivated by trying to “keep up” with everyone else.
-Teach your kids that being smart with their money today makes way for greater financial successes in the future.

The Gift of Christmas Future:
-Develop and live on a budget
-Allow your kids to be a part of the planning process
-Teach them that spending needs to be monitored and kept within limits to make sure there’s enough left for the fun things we want to do.

For more smart money management tools and strategies, stop by any of the 16 BayPort Credit Union locations across Hampton Roads.

This segment of The Hampton Roads Show was sponsored by BayPort Credit Union.

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