Portsmouth man to cars: “Hey, Slow Down!!!”

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – A Portsmouth man is sick and tired of drivers speeding down his neighborhood street. He says he’s asked the city and his civic league to do something before someone gets hurt or killed.

“I moved into this neighborhood less than a year ago specifically because of the yard and the neighborhood,” said Mike Geers.

Geers lives along Park Manor Road, a tight street with no sidewalks or curbs. There is barely enough room for two cars to pass.

“25 miles an hour is way too fast for a single lane neighborhood road where all these kids are playing,” Geers added.

Everyday, Geers stands next to the road by his home and shouts at drivers to slow down as they go by.

“I just think it’s an awful thing,” Geers said. “What’s it going to take to get the speed lowered on this street or to get a speed hump? Is it going to take my four year old getting hit by a car and getting killed?”

Geers argues that the 25-mile-per hour limit is too fast.

“The speed limit is the same as it is on Elmhurst, which is 25 feet wide,” Geers said. “This street is no more than 15 feet wide and it is the same speed limit.”

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