Hampton tornado damage estimates more than $360k

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) – Hampton officials say the EF-0 tornado that ripped through the city Saturday afternoon caused more than $360,000 in damage.

Photos: Tornado causes damage in Hampton

The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado touched down between 3:50 p.m and 3:53 p.m. in the Fox Hill area, with estimated wind speeds of 80 miles per hour. It’s path stretched 1.23 miles long and 75 yards wide.

According to the Hampton Division of Fire and Rescue, there were at least five structures damaged. Fred Gaskins, a Hampton City spokesman, said three single-family homes and one city-owned building took the biggest hit.

The collective cost to repair the homes on Fox Wood Lane, Todds Lane and Cabell Lane is estimated at about $39,042. Officials estimate the structural damage to the city-owned building at 100 Grundland Road to cost about $304,665 to fix.

It will cost about $9,300 to fix the damage done to another city-owned building on Windmill Point road, and about $7,000 to $10,000 to repair a damaged radio tower in Grandview.

According to the Hampton Fire Division, no injuries were reported.

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