Golf weather today, snow tomorrow

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Public works crews in Virginia Beach will start treating the roads early Tuesday morning, but it was hard to imagine the forecasted snow on Monday, as temperatures reached 50 degrees.

“It was really nice today so we decided to come play some putt putt,” said Mark Pettitt, who came to the golf course with friends.

Golf is their game of choice. And when it came to dressing for the occasion, some of them chose sleeveless shirts.

“When it’s intense like the way we play you need to be able to get full rotation,” Pettitt joked. “It’s not working for me today, but usually sleeveless is the way to go.”

Come tomorrow, they will need their coats and the putt putt course will be covered in snow.

“Anytime there is a forecast like we have tomorrow night, we have eight or or nine crews on call,” said Drew Lankford, with Virginia Beach Public Works.

The frost patrol trucks will hit the roads at 2:30 a.m. Tuesday, spreading a sand and salt mixture on the ramps, bridges and overpasses. Lankford says the city has enough of the mixture to last through four or five more storms.

The big concern is black ice, as drivers start their morning commute after a holiday weekend.

Pettitt and friends say they aren’t worried because they are originally from New York.

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